Chinese New Year Crafts! FREE Printables!

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Kung Hei Fat Choi! How do you plan to celebrate? Here’s an indoor craft for the kids in celebration of the Chinese New Year!

No matter what background you have, home artworks and crafts build stronger family bonds and develop the children’s creativity.

For the celebration, try making DIY Chinese lanterns.

It’s so easy, everyone at home can do it! Use this step by step on how to create your Origami Dragon at home. Here are the materials used:

Start with creating the actual lantern. 

Step 1: Using one squared piece of colored construction paper, create crease folds on the paper by folding it 4 times, like the image below: 

 Step 2: Fold the paper like the image:

Step 3: Draw the lantern cut outs on the folded paper and cut through the drawn lines. 

Step 4: After creating the main lantern, make the tassel:

A simple origami pattern using simple basic materials and basic art practices like cutting and pasting turning it into this fabulous dragon craft. These would look fantastic as wall decor or combined into a garland for Chinese New Year decorations!

However, if you are looking for a simple art activity for the kids, here’s something for you! 

Bring out your Joan Miro Baby Roo Washable Crayons, Washable Markers, or your paint and get coloring these Chinese Dragons. More than the fun of getting creative, coloring activities are best for hand strength development, coordination of fine motor skills, and also aids in their focus.

While we are all still in our homes, while the children are growing up, it’s essential to make every celebration a fun and memorable one. For when it’s time to look back at these moments, they will see how their mommas gave their best effort in making their childhood one to remember.

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