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Making Kid's #StayAtHome fun can be a challenge, that's why we created this blog filled with Crafts and DIY projects for kids. Take a deep dive in the colorful world under the sea and join in the fun of creating your own jellyfish.

Watch the video here:

Here's what you need: 

Joan Miro Paint Tray Palette
Joan Miro Paint Brush Kit
Joan Miro Washable Paint
Joan Miro Safety Scissors
Joan Miro Glue Stick
Bond Paper
Paper Plate


 1. Design your Jellyfish
Paint your jelly fish's head on the back of the paper plate using a brush and the colors of your choice.

2. Design your Jellyfish's tentacles
Draw and paint your Jellyfish's tentacles on a piece of bond paper.

3 & 4. Cut the Jellyfish head and tentacles 

*Joan Miro Safety Scissors cannot cut hair, skin, and clothes.

5. Glue everything together
Paste the tentacle strips at the back of the jellyfish's head.

and, viola! you're done!

Share your works with us by tagging us @bebe.bata and the hashtag #BebebataKids



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