Make Summer Fun Again! Summertime Activities for Kids

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Summer is here! Next to the holidays, this is the season where kids are meant to be having fun outdoors - hit the beach, play with sand, join workshops, make new friends, and enjoy many things.

However, with the world still on pause, we can't exactly do all of these.

But that doesn't mean your summer has to be boring! Here are ideas from us that will bring fun to your doorstep!

Learn a musical instrument!

While workshops and schools are closed, you can try enrolling them to online classes to stay safe and avoid personal contact.

You can also check out Tooky Toy Musical Instrument Set that comes with Maracas, Tambourine, Flute, and a Xylophone, with sizes perfect for kids! A great stepping stone to introduce kids to a variety of musical instruments.

All the instruments are functional and adapted to the capacity and hands size of children from 24 months.

Host your own Workshops!

You can set up your own workshop for kids right at home. This is a great way to bond, teach, and learn with your kids.


Art is a great way to engage and keep kids busy for hours.

Basic Sculpting: Modelling Clay/Play Dough Fun

Playing with dough/modelling clays can promote calming effects and be an outlet for expression. Watch little hands roll, mold, and squeeze the dough with curiosity and creativity. Guaranteed to keep them entertained for a long period of time.

Joan Miro Modelling Dough is made of wheat flour, so it doesn't stain and is dermatologically tested safe.

Sand Art

A creative way to enjoy sand! 

The Joan Miro Sand Art Night Scene comes with everything you need to create your sand masterpiece. 

You can also check out our other Art Activity kits for more art activity ideas, each kit comes with all the materials and little tools needed per activity, so you don't have to gather a lot of things. Just add creativity.

Paint and Color a Big Poster!

Joan Miro Super Painter Giant Coloring Pads is a perfect summer project you can do with your kids. Tape it to the wall and have the kids fill with color the entire Summer! Joan Miro Super Painter Giant Coloring Pads Comes with 3 themes to choose from: Pre-Historic Era, The World, and Princess Garden.

Home Improvement/Life Skills

Gardening with Kids

Encourage your kids to stay close to nature by introducing to them the world of gardening. This life skill will teach your child not only to appreciate the beauty of nature but also practice good stewardship over nature. This is also a fun way for them to enjoy moving around and play with water! 

Here are some simple activities you can let them do in the garden: 

  • Watering the plants
  • Digging
  • Replanting and re-potting

Beach at Home!

The best part of the summer is spending a day or a weekend at the beach. The worst part? Pandemic happened. But that doesn’t stop us from bringing the fun at home! 

Play with Sand!

One of the things the children enjoy on beach trips is the fun of playing with sand! So why don’t you take the sand indoors? Joan Miro Deluxe Sand Kit makes it possible to have the same beach fun at home! 

Joan Miro Kinetic Sand never dries out and keep hands clean! Made of Natural sand, that's made safe and non-toxic.

The Joan Miro Deluxe Sand Kit comes with 18 sand mold and creative tools plus 2kg of sand! It is best known for its sensory benefits for the kids plus it makes summer extra fun and special! 

Which one are you trying out first? Make sure to tag us on your summer activity photos on instagram or facebook, we'd love to see it!

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