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If you’re a parent or a guardian who’s currently browsing through indoor craft ideas for the coming holidays, there’s no need to worry.

It’s time to try new things & get creative. Here are three fun and easy Easter activities your kids could try!

Rock That Easter

Painting Easter eggs has always been everyone’s go-to activity for this season, but what if there are no spare hard-boiled eggs? 

Try using rocks! Joan Miro Rock Painting Kit comes with everything you need for rock painting! More than saving some eggs, the kids get to be extra creative. Rocks come in different shapes and sizes, it’ll allow the children to be more imaginative in what they could do with their different forms. These are also more useful in the long run compared to art made from eggs. Hand-painted rocks are perfect for decorations or the parents’ paper weight. 


Check out this video for a step by step guide on rock painting using Joan Miro Rock Painting Kit:

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Colorful Easter Eggs with Joan Miro Silky Crayons

If you’re on a tighter budget yet you wish to still allow your children to be more crafty, here’s something for you. 

Print Easter Egg Coloring Pages available online. Here’s one from us:

Get your stack of crayons, and for us, our favorite Baby Roo Silky Crayons, and start brightening up the easter eggs with different colors! 

Get first dibs on these twistable and highly pigmented Joan Miro Baby Roo Silky Crayons that glide like lipstick and are easy to clean here.


Dough it Yourself! 

Make the kids dough it all by themselves. Just give them good quality modelling dough, markers and a working place to be creative!


Watch this video:


Let the kids mold the dough as they wish and design it with bunnies & other easter elements using Joan Miro Baby Roo Washable Markers. This way, they get to develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and their imagination! A total win-win situation for the parents and kids. All fun & less mess!

Joan Miro Modelling Dough comes in 6, 12, and 24 colors. Get them for 10% OFF on Lazada’s 4.4 sale: Click here


Easter activities are all about eggs!  Here’s what you can get for a fun but definitely less messier activity!

Joray’s Color and Shape Egg Matching improves your child’s fine motor skills, critical thinking, sharpens memory, and recognition.

This also introduces them to basic shapes and colors. So many benefits in one fun activity!

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There are far more ways of making sure the kids still get to enjoy their childhood and the holidays during a pandemic. Don’t just get through it, champion parenting in the midst of it! Wishing you all a happy and creative easter!


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