Tooky Toy Baby Walker 2
Tooky Toy Baby Walker 2
Tooky Toy Baby Walker 2
Tooky Toy Baby Walker 2
Tooky Toy

Tooky Toy Baby Walker 2

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Set of 32 wooden blocks, varying in shape and color, which can be arranged and carried along in a baby walker.

The Walker is designed for children from 12 months old.

Toddlers will find its dimensions just perfect to have great fun pushing it along and along smoothly and easily, while strengthening their ability to stand and walk.

Wheels have soft rubber edges, so no need to worry about it leaving marks on the floor.

Wooden blocks favor free play and stimulate the children's imagination and creativity.

The task of sorting and arranging the blocks inside the container is a fun challenge for the little ones, which helps them to exercise their logical thinking and problem solving skills.

The main container and the wheels come already assembled out of the box.

It is only necessary to easily fix the handle bar and its supports using the included screws.

All Tooky Toy products are made from sustainable wood and manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. They meet the strictest international toy safety standards. 💯 

Sturdy and ready for hours of play!✓ Wood Painted with Non-Toxic, Water-based Paint ✓