Tooky Toy Little Doctor
Tooky Toy Little Doctor
Tooky Toy Little Doctor
Tooky Toy Little Doctor
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Tooky Toy Little Doctor

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Little Doctor Play set is an 11 piece wooden medical themed play set which will have your little one setting up an office and becoming a doctor. This set is brimming with all the instruments a nurse or doctor needs and it all comes in a red zip up medical bag with carry handle and there is a white cross on the front.

Every doctor or nurse working in a hospital or surgery needs a bag like this. All you have to do is unzip it and the pretend play game can begin. I expect that teddy and dolly will be involved and with the expert medical help it won't be long before they are on the mend.

Packed away inside the bag are a name badge, notebook for diagnosis, syringe, thermometer, a pot and tube, eye test chart, stethoscope and 4 pills. The pills have been very cleverly designed and are fixed permanently to a wooden backing so they cant be removed and swallowed.

This is a great toy to help prepare a child for a visit to the doctor or to role-play what happened when they have had a visit.

This toy is very well made and all the pieces are made from smooth quality wood.

 Size: Bag size 22.5cm long x 16cm high

 Material: Wood child safe paint, plastic ends on Stethoscope .

 Age: 3 +

 "Wonderful role-play toy and the solution to make the pretend pills safe gets a big thumbs up from us."
All Tooky Toy products are made from sustainable wood and manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. They meet the strictest international toy safety standards. 💯
Sturdy and ready for hours of play!✓ Wood Painted with Non-Toxic, Water-based Paint ✓