Tooky Toy Mystery Face
Tooky Toy Mystery Face
Tooky Toy Mystery Face
Tooky Toy

Tooky Toy Mystery Face

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Develop children's imagination, building their own creative faces.

Tooky Toy is a place to find creative and functionable wooden toy for children.
Designers are either young fathers and mothers, they take ordinary everyday objects and turn them into timeless and durable toys
Tooky toy can grow with children, encourage imagination, incorporate real-life skills, and build up fine motor skills.
All of Tooky Toys are eco-friendly manufactured and exceed the strictest international toy safety standards.

- Each toy from Tooky is made from sustainable forests,
- wooden toys can be more firm, water resistant, wear resistant and against corrosion
- Non-formaldehyde glue

- Workers paint wooden toys by hand with water-based dyes.
- Plump, clear and transparent dyes is harmless to the human body and environment.
- Yellowing resistance
- water resistant
- preservative

Contains 64 pieces

All Tooky Toy products are made from sustainable wood and manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. They meet the strictest international toy safety standards. 💯

Sturdy and ready for hours of play!✓ Wood Painted with Non-Toxic, Water-based Paint ✓